Impact in Action: Junior Service League’s 2023 Fund Allocation

As a community-driven organization, the Junior Service League of St. Augustine is dedicated to making a positive impact where it matters most. Led by our 2023 President, Carice Schuster, and with the strong support of our donors and volunteers, we raised an impressive total of $104,848.00. This achievement reflects our collective commitment to creating meaningful change.

Here’s a breakdown of how we allocated the funds raised and the incredible programs and projects they supported:


Ability Tree First Coast – $4,350.00


Ability Tree First Coast is dedicated to serving families impacted by disability by providing recreational, social, and educational programs. Our contribution helped enhance their programs and services, making a difference in the lives of those they support.


Adaptive Superstars – $5,958.00

Adaptive Superstars empowers individuals with disabilities through sports and recreational activities. Our donation assisted in expanding their reach and providing more opportunities for inclusivity and growth.


Betty Griffin Center – $2,500.00

The Betty Griffin Center offers support and shelter to individuals and families affected by domestic violence and sexual abuse. Our contribution helped ensure survivors have access to essential resources and a safe haven in their time of need.


Big Brothers Big Sisters – $2,500.00

Big Brother Big Sister provides mentoring programs for youth facing adversity, empowering them to reach their full potential. Our funding supported the recruitment and training of mentors, fostering meaningful relationships that positively impact the lives of young people.


Boy Scouts – $5,000.00

The Boy Scouts organization instills leadership skills, values, and character development in young boys and girls. Our donation supported their programs, enabling more youth to participate in enriching outdoor experiences and leadership opportunities.


First Responder Project – $12,090.00

The First Responder Project recognizes and supports the brave men and women serving as first responders in our community. Our contribution helped provide essential equipment, training, and resources to those who tirelessly protect and serve.


Flagler College Cheer Team – $1,000.00

Our donation supported the Flagler College Cheer Team in their pursuit of excellence in athletics and academics, fostering team spirit and pride within our community.


Friends of Anastasia – $2,500.00

Friends of Anastasia works to preserve and enhance Anastasia State Park, a beloved natural sanctuary. Our funding supported conservation efforts and educational programs, ensuring this treasured resource remains accessible for generations to come.


Home Again – $2,500.00

Home Again provides assistance and resources to individuals experiencing homelessness, helping them rebuild their lives and regain stability. Our contribution supported vital services such as shelter, food, and job training, offering hope and support to those in need.


Hugs Across the County – $2,500.00

Hugs Across the County spreads love and support to children facing medical challenges and their families. Our donation helped provide comfort items, financial assistance, and emotional support, brightening the lives of those navigating difficult times.


Jimmy Jam Community Outreach – $2,500.00

Jimmy Jam Community Outreach serves the homeless and underprivileged populations in our community, offering meals, clothing, and resources. Our funding supported their efforts to provide essential aid and promote dignity and compassion for all.


Kids Bridge – $5,000.00

Kids Bridge facilitates supervised visitation and exchange services for families experiencing conflict or separation. Our contribution supported their programs, ensuring children maintain safe and positive connections with their families during challenging times.


New Legacy Project – $5,000.00

The league has set aside $5,000 from our funds to introduce a new legacy project. This initiative supports our commitment to partnering with organizations and providing ongoing resources and funding to make a lasting impact in our community. By dedicating these funds, we aim to continue our tradition of supporting initiatives that bring about meaningful and sustainable change.


Pie in the Sky – $2,500.00

Pie in the Sky provides meals and support services to individuals facing critical illness and their families. Our funding helped ensure access to nutritious meals and compassionate care, easing the burden for those confronting health challenges.


Planting Fund – $12,000.00

Our contribution supported the Planting Fund’s efforts to provide financial support throughout the year for non-profit’s in need of immediate funding. Learn more about our Planting Fund’s initiatives here.


Port in the Storm – $3,000.00

Port in the Storm offers temporary lodging and support services to families with loved ones receiving medical care away from home. Our donation helped provide a comforting and supportive environment during challenging times.


ReBloom – $2,500.00

ReBloom is an organization with a mission to provide a welcoming community space where people impacted by Parkinson’s disease can have continuous access to high quality diverse exercise and voice training, a social and educational support group, and have access to resources to preserve a high quality of life throughout their journey with Parkinson’s.


SAFE Families for Children – $5,000.00

SAFE Families for Children provides temporary housing and support to children in crisis, offering a safe haven while their families work through difficulties. Our contribution supported their efforts to keep families together and children out of the foster care system whenever possible.


Southwoods Elementary – $900.00

Our donation supported Southwoods Elementary School in providing educational resources, programs, and experiences that enrich the learning journey of their students, empowering them to succeed academically and beyond.


St. Augustine Lighthouse – $5,000.00

The St. Augustine Lighthouse preserves and shares the maritime history and culture of our region. Our funding supported their educational programs, preservation efforts, and community outreach, ensuring this historic landmark remains a beacon for generations to come.


St. Augustine Public Montessori School – $1,000.00

Our contribution supported the St. Augustine Public Montessori School in providing a nurturing and innovative educational environment that fosters curiosity, creativity, and lifelong learning in students.


Tender Heart Animal Retreat & Refuge – $1,000.00

Tender Heart Animal Retreat & Refuge provides sanctuary and care to animals in need, offering a second chance at life and love. Our donation supported their mission of compassion and rescue, ensuring animals receive the care and attention they deserve.


Unity Outreach – $2,500.00


Unity Outreach provides essential services and support to individuals and families facing homelessness and poverty. Our funding helped provide shelter, food, clothing, and resources, offering hope and assistance to those in need.


Webster – $12,000.00

Webster serves as a resource hub for families in our community, offering a range of programs and services to address various needs. Our contribution supported their efforts to provide assistance, education, and empowerment to individuals and families facing challenges.


As we reflect on the incredible impact of our fundraising efforts in 2023, we are inspired by the transformative change we’ve been able to effect within our community. However, our work is far from over, and the need for support remains as pressing as ever. 

Join us in our mission to continue making a difference—donate today and help us build a brighter tomorrow for St. Augustine. Together, we can create lasting change that enriches the lives of all who call our community home.