Lending a Hand at The Alpha Omega Miracle Home

In February, the Junior Service League of St. Augustine had an amazing opportunity to give back to the Alpha Omega Miracle Home, a local organization that has touched so many lives in St. Johns county since it was first founded in 1997. Alpha Omega Miracle Home needed help painting one of their apartments, and our League members answered the call. Many thanks to our 2021 Vice-President, Julie Kay, for organizing several painting days. And thank you to our League members who participated- Dorothy Rowland, Elizabeth Balog, Erin Winter, Genny Johns and Nicole Crepes

These apartments house single or expectant mothers and senior women. Alpha Omega Miracle Home provides safe housing and essential services to support women through a successful transition from homelessness to independent living. Young mothers progress through a structured program of 2 to 24 months, depending on needs, as they bridge into self-sufficiency. Senior woman in the program are given the opportunity to become surrogate grandparents and mentors to the young mothers and children in a caring environment. Being able to give back to such a great organization was incredibly rewarding.

Julie, you’re amazing!! Thank you SO much for organizing this special project!!! Any day now, the love, sweat and time you spent painting those walls will radiate into a new woman’s life in need of a fresh start and an intro to God’s amazing grace and mercy.

Kristin from Alpha Omega Miracle home